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2N Elevator Centre offers advanced bulk management of all devices that helps greatly when you are managing numerous devices. You can set bulk actions such as firmware upgrade, reboot, etc. for all or selected devices.

Selecting devices

When managing numerous devices like in this example, it is important to be able to select the right ones. First, it is needed to select the right folder (on the left). In this case, folder TestTeam2n@DEMO is selected. As you can see, it contains 10,000 devices. You can, of course, do the bulk actions for all of them or you can filter devices by clicking SET FILTERS.

You can use numerous parameters to help you filtering.

It is even possible to combine several parameters to make the filter even more precise.

After applying the filter, you will see how many devices displayed on the current page* are selected as well as how may devices in total match the filter.

You can select all devices matching the filter by clicking "Select all X devices that match filter settings".

You can also (de)select all devices on the current page by clicking the square in the top left corner of the table with devices.

*Elevator centre will always display limited of number devices on the current page. To browse through the rest, use the arrows right under the table. You can increase number of devices displayed by editing "Rows per page" parameter.


Creating a bulk action

Let's say we want to create bulk action for all devices that match the filter. After clicking "Select all X devices that match filter settings" all of them are selected.


Now the Elevator Centre loads all devices.

As soon as the devices are loaded, you will see this window which will notify you if any of the selected devices are currently offline.

Here you can select actions that you wish to perform on selected devices.

You can select the action by clicking on + to its left.

As you can see, the order of actions matter when it comes to applying company template - device restart should be performed after this action, because some configuration changes do not take effect without restarting afterwards.

You can change the order of actions. Just drag&drop by the "stripes" icon to the left of the action.

When you hover over the action on the right, X icon will appear to its right. You can delete the action from the list by clicking this icon.

Click NEXT when you are done.

Next window shows the selected actions and warns about any need to further set up an action. By clicking the arrow to the right of the action, you can see more information about this action.

Next window summarizes everything for the last check before starting the action.

Now you can see that the bulk operation started.

You can see the progress by clicking the highlighted icon in the top right corner.

Please note that there can only be one bulk operation in progress at a moment, Elevator Centre will not allow you to start another one.

Here is a page with ongoing and past bulk actions.

You can either cancel ongoing action or you can view detailed progress of the action by clicking on it.



Here is Bulk action detail. You can see what is currently happening and you can cancel the whole action.

Folders management

At the start of this manual, folders were mentioned. As you can have very high number of devices, it is essential to have them organized.

You can see the sub-folders, in this case it is organized by countries. Arrows to the left of each sub-folder means that they all have their own sub-folders. you can view them by clicking that arrow.

You can search for a device in the search tab on the top. This search will give you devices only from the currently selected folder. In this case it is TestTeam2n@DEMO.

You can also ADD DEVICE or ADD FOLDER.

Here is an example of multi-level sub-folders.

When you hover over the folder, icon with three dots appears on its right side. Clicking this icon will give you more options to:

Edit folder - lets you change the name of the folder and its position in folder structure.

Add folder - adds a new sub-folder to this folder

Add new device - adds a new device to this folder

Delete folder - deletes folder

When browsing the devices in the selected folder, you can set which columns will be shown.

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