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Please check following items:

  • Presence of a valid license key (Gateway control - Firmware/License)
  • The communication protocol on the line from your PBX to the gateway has to be set to Euro ISDN DSS1 according to Q.931
  • Proper settings of the NT/TE modes on the gateway (Gateway configuration - ISDN parameters - ISDN BRI port settings) which must correspond to the other party settings
  • The ISDN port modes are set to accept calls from the BRI port (Gateway configuration - ISDN port modes - ISDN BRI port)
  • The SIM cards are properly inserted and their PIN code request is disabled or it has the same PIN code as it is set in the gateway (Gateway configuration - GSM basic parameters - SIM cards PIN code)
  • The SIM cards are logged to the network correctly - both LEDs labelled as GSM1 and GSM2 must be off (they are blinking during logging process, but they switch off after they are logged successfully)
  • The GSM modules have got good signal strength between -60dB and -80 dB (Gateway control - Diagnostics)
  • The SIM cards are active, they have credit and they are not blocked by the GSM operator
  • If you use CLIR function Enabled in the gateway (Gateway configuration - GSM outgoing call - CLIR function), check if this feature is enabled (activated) on the SIM card by the GSM operator
  • The dialled number is in correct format, it matches one of the Network Lists and this Network List is actively used in the LCR section
  • The default count of digits is set to the value that corresponds to the length of the dialled number (Gateway configuration - Number of digits dialled from ISDN resp. Gateway configuration - Prefixes - Default count of digits)
  • If you have set Max. number of called minutes, make sure those minutes have not been already exceeded
  • The Time limitation of SIM card (which part of the day shall be used) is set correctly
  • The selection of GSM modules which will be assigned to the ISDN channel (Gateway configuration - GSM basic parameters - GSM module selection)
  • Time and Date is set correctly in the Gateway