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Conference call can be done with 2 ways.

1)      Dial "special combination" and then step by step dial the numbers of all participants.

         For example: there are extensions with numbers 100, 200, 300, 400 and external number 900 800 700. In order to create a conference call just dial *1#100*200*300*400&*0900800700#, where 0 is an extra prefix to access national and international phones. This prefix is taken as the example, it can differ on some systems. All the numbers are separated with “*” sign.

2)     The second option is to create a conference room. Conference room contains predefined number of internal/external extensions. It is enough to dial ID number of the conference            room and all the participants wll be called automatically. In order to create a conference call follow the instructions depicted in the figure below:

In this example the conference room can be dialed by the users enumerated in the table and by users who have right to "Dial others". On the figure there is only one user who can dial  the conference room - user 432 SIP.

If you want to dial someone who is not listed in Netstar database, just select "Address" parameter as the destination and enter his number. In this case preceed with the step 4 because it is necessary to specify the path for outgoing calls and SMS.

When all the settings are done dial  *2#1234#, where 1234 is the access code of given conference room. You can create different rooms, each room can contain predefined number of users.