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By default you can call to the intercom from your  2N® Mobile Video app and see the video stream from the intercom. This feature is prohibited in some countries as you have to have the permission of the people around to be able to monitor the space near by the camera. This FAQ explains how to restrict the calling from the app in such a way that the user will be able accept incoming calls only and won't be able to make a call to the intercom and see the camera stream.


Step by step guide

First of all it is neccessary to disable automatic configuration in case that you are using it. This can be done in the intercom setting on the My2N cloud.


Figure 1: Intercom settings in My2N cloud 

Once you will configure the manual mode you can go to the intercom setting to the section Services -> phone -> call and adjust the parameter called Call Answering Mode and set it up to Always busy.  Like this the end user won't be able to make a call towards the intercom and won't be able to see the camera stream.


Figure 2: Always busy mode



My2N by default is changing the setting of SIP account 2 in the intercom while using automatic configuration mode. However if you have configured connection to My2N cloud using the SIP 1 account you have to configure Call Answering mode for SIP 1.