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Installation of USB driver:

  First step is to install USB driver. Installation is usually automatic after connection to USB port by delivered USB cable. If the installation doesn't start automatically use driver from CD (CDM20814_SETUP.exe).

Installation of new modem:

  Please leave 2N® EasyGate PRO connected to your PC. Now You have to install new modem on your PC. Go to Control Panel, Select Telephone and Modem. Choose Modems -> Add.


  Select not recognise automatically, will be installed manually. Click on Next.


  Now has to be installed driver of 2N EasyGate PRO modem. This driver (mdm2n_v1.7.inf) you can find on CD or Choose Browse, select from disk, search for driver and click on Open.




  You should get this Window with modem:



  Choose correct port, where should be device connected and click on Next.



  By that we have installed driver. Now has to be fulfilled APN in the gateway. Install and run 2N® PCManagerUNI (download on or from CD). Go to GSM & SIM, fulfill GPRS APN, and save to the gateway.



Internet connection:

Now you can establish internet connection with your 2N® EasyGate PRO gateway:


Note: all software and drivers are always available on in proper section for download. Please use always actual version of software and firmware for your Gateway.