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Partizan STD-2MP

is a standalone IP face recognition system with camera, display and body temperature measurement. More information can be found here:

It could be easily interconnected with 2n devices via Wiegand. It has Wiegand input and output so it can work as a reader as well as a controller. 

 Interconnection with IP Vario via Wiegand. Vario will act a controler. 

In Default settings it waitingFinding the IP address is possible through their application: Setup Tool

Partizan STD connection to the controller - configuration part (provided by Partizan)

  1. Add new user to Partizan STD (face-reader) database (Database – Add Person). Fill in the required fields. The Access controller number and Access card number must match, as in the screenshot below

  2. Select the desired operating mode based on your access control requirements. (Config - Analytics and Alarms - Working mode). Then click Save

  3. Select the desired Wiegand mode 26 or 34. (Config - Access control - Wiegand output). Then click Save

  4. Connect the reader to read access cards to the face-reader using the indication on the cable.

    1. Wiegand input:

  5. Connect the controller to the face-reader using the indication on the cable.

    1. Wiegand output:

  6. For connection The controller to the face-reader, use 5V supply from Partizan output and resistance 330 Ohm. For further information see:


                  2.4 Extending Module Connection - Instalační manuál 2N Access Unit 

  7. From the manual there are four cables needs as in picture below:
  8. Don't forget to connect the 5V power also to the Data wires D0 and D1 through 300 Ohm resistors as shown on the picture below:
  9. Note: user´s  ID in face-reader database is a decimal number and in 2N device is displayed in hexadecimal format.
    1. The access card number should match the user card number in the Partizan STD database