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2N® EasyGate PRO can be equipped with batteries.

Battery option allows to support functionality in case of power failure. For backup use four pieces of accumulators NiMh size AA. These accumulators are not part of delivery.

You can monitor battery status. In default , monitoring of battery status is disabled.

In order to enable it, please follow steps below:


1) Using USB cable, connect your 2N® EasyGate PRO to computer equipped with installed PC UNI Manager


2) Once connected to gateway, please navigate to section Service as shown on picture below.



a) Telephone number for service SMS. The number is common for GGMC SMS, ,'LOW CREDIT" SMS on prepaid SIM cards and Power status SMS.

     Setting options: 0-16 characters (0-9,11A+) Default setting: blank

b) Power status SMS is send in case the battery is flat, or disconnected.

    Setting options: -Disable -Enable Default setting: Disable

    Power status SMS is send, if power failure or restore last longer than filled value. Setting 0 min means, that the function is off.

   Setting options: 0-255 min Default setting: 0