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NetSpeaker SW package version 1.2.5 brings these new features and improvements

  • Automatic connection of NsP in your network - this automatic configuration is working with NsP which has fw version 1.2.x
  • Automatic generation of playlists from defined source of music
  • Improved SIP call quality and latency
  • Latency reduce to 30ms
  • Internet radio at scheduler
  • PLS playlist format support - Internet radio
  • Support for .wma, .wav, .mp3
  • Option to activate/deactivate source in the session
  • Scheduler: tab view - expert menu, option to activate/deactivate session
  • Function "copy" for Event in scheduler
  • Audio core - loopback from speakers like a session source
  • Option to play stuff from SD card, when there is lost of on-line connection
  • Restart button, SD card format button, synchronized button, test button - NsP flashes and beeps to identify itself
  • XML API Improvements - playlists, sessions, generated playlists, group of speakers, internet radio, file explorer
  • Authorization for XML API
  • HTTP API - Helios Family, Cisco support


  • INFO panel - help with next steps
  • HELP in Control panel
  • New graphic look: session, NetSpeakes & zones, scheduler, Player application, SIP menu

To see official NetSpeaker product pages, click here.

If you are missing specific NetSpeaker information, let us a comment.

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