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2N® Remote configuration  is a service available at the My2N portal. It allows you to make a remote configuration from the MY2N portal on your 2N IP intercoms and adjust the settings of the intercom even though the intercom is in your local network. 

Benefits of the service:

  • Save costs of travelling to the installation site - you can adjust the configuration remotely
  • Provide immediate assistance to your customers
  • No need of complicated network configuration


Compatible products:

  • 2N IP intercoms (Verso, Vario, Force, Safety, Base, Solo, Uni, LTE Verso)
  • 2N Access Unit


  • 2N IP intercom  firmware version 2.23 or newer.
  • 2N IP intercom  needs to be connected to the internet.

No additional license for the 2N IP intercom is required for the connection to remote configuration. Service is free of charge.

Step-by-step guide

There are 3 options how to add your intercom into the remote configuration service:

  • A) By using security card
  • B) By using MY2N ID
  • C) By using existing device in your MY2N service

A) Adding an intercom by using security card

Locate the security code for your intercom on the paper card that came with the box of your intercom. Security code can be found on the back side of the paper card as shown in the image below:

Figure 1: Security code



For detailed information about how to access My2N and sign up, please read the following article: !2N® Mobile Video Setup - registration and general settings


Once you login to your My2N account, please navigate to the "Remote configuration" section and press add device button as shown in the image below:

Figure 2: Add a door intercom

In a new opened window, please fill in details about your 2N IP intercom.

  • Fill in the intercom's name (defined by your requirements in order to easily identify this device).
  • Fill in this device's serial number from the paper card that belongs to the device.
  • Fill in the security code from the same paper card.

Figure 3: Add intercom with security code


Please note that one device (one serial number) can only be assigned to one My2N account at once. If you have already registered that intercom to a different My2N account, you need to remove it first.

Now you have successfully added 2N IP intercom to your My2N account. You can start with remote configuration by clicking on the remote configuration button:

Figure 4: Assigned device


If the remote configuration won't be working for the first time, please make a restart of the intercom.

B) Adding an intercom by using MY2N ID

In case that you don't have your security card with the code you can still add your intercom and use the benefits of the service. Copy the MY2N ID number at the top of the site:

Figure 5: MY2N ID

Open your intercom settings and paste the MY2N ID into the section System - auto provisioning - MY2N/TR069 - MY2N ID.

Figure 6: intercom settings

Figure 7: MY2N ID intercom setting


You will be able to see your device within the MY2N account after this procedure. Last step is to approve your device and assign the name for the device.

Figure 8: Device approval

Figure 9: device approval

As you can see on the last dialog window (Figure 9) you can choose to which service your device will be assigned. It can be 2N® Mobile Video or 2N® Remote configuration or both. In this example we choose only 2N® Remote configuration service.


If the remote configuration won't be working for the first time, please make a restart of the intercom.

C) Adding an intercom by using existing device in your MY2N service

You can also add an intercom which is already assigned into 2N® Mobile Video service. Click on the button ADD DEVICE and then choose existing device from the list of your devices.

Figure 10: add existing device

Figure 11: add existing device



If the remote configuration won't be working for the first time, please make a restart of the intercom.

Once you will finish steps in the sections A or B or C you will be able to remotly configure your intercom yb clicking on the remote configuration button and opening web interface of the intercom:

Figure 12: remote configuration

Figure 13: remote configuration

Status Messages

  • Connected - VPN connection is active
  • Ready - device is ready for the VPN connection
  • Unsupported fimrware -  firmware of the device is not supported.



In case that the status is ready however you cannot connect to the device, please follow the steps described here.