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Step by step guide

Once you have added the device into the Remote Configurator you should be able to connect to your device however it might happen that you won't be able to connect. This is usually caused by the invalid VPN certificates in your intercom. To fix this and load a new certificates you have to go to the detail of the device:


Figure 1: Intercom setting details

In the settings you have to click on the button called "Renew device service settings" located at the bottom of the page in the section called "Remote configuration service".

Figure 2: Remote configuration service renewal



Please make sure that you are using the right button because there is the same button called "Renew device service settings" in Mobile video section. This button completely renew the intercom configuration based on the My2N settings so you could lose some settings that have been configured via the web interface of the intercom.

Alternatively you can try to delete the device from your account and try to add it again.