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ISDN trunk interconnection

2N® BRI Gateway settings

  1. Set BRI gateway as NT device. Then set the mode. If you are using DDI, then set PTP. If you are using MSN numbers, then set PtMP. If you don't know, which mode should be selected, in 95% cases is correct Point to Point.

Siemens 3000 series settings

  1. In Siemens go to trunk settings. Select the line with the ISDN port connected to gateway and double-click in Param. column cell. Screenshot is showing example of 4 ISDN ports. 2 of them are set as trunk and the other 2 as Extension. Gateway will be connected as Trunk.

  2. After you double-click in Param. column, you will get following window
  3. In Protocol Description select S0: Euro CO PP for Point to Point (in 95%) or S0: Euro CO PMP for Point to Multipoint.
  4. That is all. Optionally you may deny to take clock from the gateway. Otherwise, if the PBX goes down, once the PBX is up again it may choose synchronisation from gateway and cause trouble to other ISDN ports. Following settings prevent this. Just select the port with gateway in table at bottom left, column Denied nos. list.