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To upgrade your Access Commander from version 1.9.1 to version 1.10 please follow these steps.


The procedure below can be applied also for database transfer between two installations of Access Commander 1.10.


  1. Open your VirtualBox where you have installed your current instance of Access Commander 1.9.1 and select to import new OVA appliance. Import the new image of Access Commander 1.10.



       2. Turn on Access Commander 1.9.1, login as root, note IP address of this appliance, enable SSH connection.


       3. Turn on Access Commander 1.10.


Please do not turn off Access Commander 1.9.1, both appliances must now be running.


       4. Login to Access Commander 1.10 as root (factory password is 2n) and set new strong password (at first input old password, then enter a new password and confirm it a second time).

       5. Check Access Commander 1.10 network settings.


IP address must be unique, not the same as used for Access Commander 1.9.1


       6. Go to Access Commander 1.10 section called "Backup and Restore" - subsection "Import", fill in the IP address of Access Commander 1.9.1 and continue by clicking Apply.

       7. In Access Commander 1.10 confirm to proceed with the upgrade process by selecting Yes and fill in the Access Commander 1.9.1 root password.

        8. Access Commander 1.10 now contains all data from Access Commander 1.9.1, please check if everything works properly.


After a successful upgrade process the old appliance is turned off automatically and its web server is deactivated (you can´t access its web management more).

Your system will be synchronized only with new Access Commander now.
The Old appliance is prepared for deleting after checking of the new appliance.