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Start Screen

The start screen is an introductory overview screen displayed upon login to the intercom web interface. Use the back arrow in the left-hand upper corner of the following web interface pages to return to this screen anytime.

The screen header includes the intercom name (refer to the Display Name parameter in the Services / Phone / SIP menu). Select the web interface language with the CZ and EN buttons. Press the Log out button in the right-hand upper corner to log out.

The start screen is also the first menu level and quick navigation (click on a tile) to selected intercom configuration sections. Some tiles also display the state of selected services.

Configuration Menu

The 2N Helios IP configuration includes 5 main menus: State, Directory, Hardware, Services and System including submenus; see below.


  • Device essentials on the intercom
  • Services – information on active services and their states
  • Licence – current states of licences and available intercom functions


  • Users – settings for user phone numbers, quick dial buttons, access cards and switch control user codes
  • Time Profiles – time profile settings    
  • Access Cards   access card settings


  • Switches electric lock, lighting, etc. settings
  • Audio  audio, signalling, etc. volume control, microphone parameters
  • Camera – internal camera, external IP camera settings
  • Keyboard button and keyboard settings
  • Buttons - user speed dial settings
  • Display – basic display settings
  • Card Reader   card reader, Wiegand interface settings
  • Extenders 2N® Helios IP Verso extender settings


  • Phone telephone and SIP connection settings
  • Streaming audio/video streaming settings (ONVIF, RTSP, Multicast, etc.)
  • Onvif - Onvif settings
  • E-Mail  E-mail sending and SMTP connection settings
  • Automation – flexible intercom settings according to the user's requirements
  • HTTP API - HTTP API authorisation settings
  • User Sounds user sound settings and upload 
  • Web Server  web server and access password settings
  • Audio Test  automatic audio test settings
  • SNMP - SNMP settings


  • Network LAN connection settings, 802.1x, packet capturing
  • Date and Time real time and time zone settings
  • Licence  licence settings, trial licence activation
  • Certificates certificate and private key settings
  • Auto provisioning automatic firmware and configuration update settings
  • Syslog  syslog message sending settings
  • Maintenance backup and configuration reset, firmware update
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