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The /api/io/ctrl function controls the statuses of the device logic outputs. The function has two mandatory parameters: port, which determines the output to be controlled, and action, defining the action to be executed over the output (activation, deactivation).

The function is part of the I/O service and the user must be assigned the I/O Control privilege for authentication if required. The function is available with the Enhanced Integration licence key only.

The GET or POST method can be used for this function.

Request parameters:




Mandatory I/O identifier. Use also /api/io/caps to get the identifiers of the available inputs and outputs.


Mandatory action defining parameter (on – activate output, log. 1, off – deactivate output, log. 0)

responseOptional parameter modifying the intercom response to include the text defined here instead of the JSON message.

The reply is in the application/json format and includes no parameters.


If the response parameter is used, the reply does not include the json messages; the server returns a text/plain reply with the specified text (which can be empty).


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