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The /api/camera/snapshot function helps you download images from an internal or external IP camera connected to the intercom. Specify the video source, resolution and other parameters.

The function is part of the Camera service and the user must be assigned the Camera Monitoring privilege for authentication if required.

The GET or POST method can be used for this function.

Request parameters:




Mandatory parameter specifying the horizontal resolution of the JPEG image in pixels


Mandatory parameter specifying the vertical resolution of the JPEG image in pixels. The snapshot height and width must comply with one of the supported options (see api/camera/caps).


Optional parameter defining the video source (internal – internal camera, external – external IP camera). If the parameter is not included, the default video source included in the Hardware / Camera / Common settings section of the configuration web interface is selected.


Optional parameter defining the frame rate. If the parameter is set to >= 1, the intercom sends images at the set frame rate using the http server push method.

The reply is in the image/jpeg or multipart/x-mixed-replace (pro fps >= 1) format. If the request parameters are wrong, the function returns information in the application/json format.


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