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We would like to offer you online technical trainings and webinars in English, totally free of charge. Sign up and become an expert in 2N products!

  • Offer extra solutions by knowing all product types, features, accessories and licenses

  • Know what to check before an installation and reduce on-site time

  • Decrease support demands, resolve issues remotely and quickly

Current UTC Time (same as GMT):

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General Information

Technical trainings are available in 2 levels.

  • The Basic training provides a technical overview of whole product family, which will allow you to choose the right version of the product and perform the installation. This training can be attended also by sales or marketing people with an elementary technical knowledge.
  • The Advanced training is focused on advanced product functions and settings. We recommend to join this training after you have at least some experience with usage of the product or you have attended Basic training. After this training you can test your knowledge and get official 2N certificate upon successful completion of online test.

Time schedule is based on UTC Time:

  • 9AM Sessions are suitable for Australia and Asia regions (afternoon/evening) and for Europe and Africa regions (morning)
  • 3PM Sessions are suitable for America regions (morning) and for Europe and Africa regions (afternoon)

The online session starts with presentation and then follows a settings explanation and live demo. Your activity and questions are always welcome through chat window.

Technical requirements

Online training sessions are powered by GoToMeeting platform which allows up to 100 participants per session. This platform requires Internet connection and speakers/headset. You don't need to be near your PC or MAC as mobile devices are also supported. More details are available at GoToMeeting site:



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