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 Frequently Asked Questions - 2N IP Access Control

IP readers presented here are POE or separately powered?

  • All are POE powered, but if there is no POE you can also use power supply.

Does 2N also  have complete accessories like EM locks & Push Buttons etc?

Is the Access Commander software user based license or device based license?

  • Device based, it is always for 5 devices. The part number is 91379040.

Is there a users licence?

  • No, just in case you want to use Attendance monitoring. Part number 91379041.

Can you perform logic operations on the 2N devices (like do something if button is pressed etc.)?

Vistior management is license based or comes free with solution?

  • No, this feature is free.

What is max number of devices which can be managed by access commander? IS there maximum number of users?

Could you tell us the advanteges of installing the access commander box instead of the acess commander direct on your computer?

  • The main advantage is that with the Access Commander Box you don't have to maintain running computer managing the system. The second advantage is that you have everything installed in the Access Commander Box, you can start to add devices and users without any previous configuration. Plus there is free licence for 5 devices connected (normally you can connect just one free device to Access Commander). The disadvantage is that you can only connect 50 devices to the box.

Does 2N have integration with Fire Alarm system?

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