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A typical scenario will involve one 2N® Access Unit inside the lift cabin and 1-5x Axis A9188 I/O Relay Modules (1 I/O Relay Module can handle up to 8 floors).

Types of most usual scenarios:

  1. A 3rd party RFID card reader in the Lift cabin is connected over Wiegand to a 2N® Access Unit or located in the top of the shaft or in the Machine room. The 2N® Access unit communicates over IP with the Axis A9188, which is connected to the Lift Controller. The Lift Controller uses CANbus (or similar) to control the buttons in the Lift Car.
  2. A 2N® Access Unit or supported intercom is installed in the Lift cabin requiring Ethernet cable connection from the machine room. This is the most convenient scenario. The 2N® device communicates again over IP with the AXIS A9188 in the same way as above.
  3. A 2N® Access Unit or supported intercom is installed in the Lift cabin, which does not have any Ethernet connection. 2N®  2Wire converters are used to bring IP connectivity and PoE through the Lift car’s travelling cable over available 2 wires. This provides IP connectivity for communication between the  2N® device and the Axis A9188, which is linked with the Lift Controller.

Currently, a maximum of 5 AXIS A9188 can be connected with one 2N unit making maximum of 40 floors supported.