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  • 2N Indoor Talk with the latest firmware
  • 2N IP intercom with the latest firmware
  • no licence is needed
  • devices are in the same network, multicast is allowed in the network

Why to use 2N IP intercom´s


Device ID in 2N Indoor Talk´s configuration

Communication via network hostname is a proprietary way and thanks to that you can activate 2N IP intercom´s switch by 2N Indoor Talk when there is no call


Configuration of 2N IP intercom

Setup Intercom's Device ID

Go to 2N IP intercom´s web management - section Services - Phone - Local Calls and set the Device ID.

Setup Local Call receiving mode

Go to 2N IP Intercom's web management - section Services - Phone - Calls and there you set


  • Always Busy - no calls allowed
  • Manual Pickup - pickup call manually by press of a button, you must define which button picks the call(picture below)
  • Automatic - Intercom automatically picks up the call

Setup Intercom's Switch code

Go to 2N IP Intercom's web management - section Hardware - Switches and set the Switch code you want to use for activating the switch from 2N Indoor Talk


Configuration of 2N Indoor Talk

Go to 2N Indoor Talk´s web management - section Directory - Devices click on Search registered devices and choose the device you want to add.