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  • Click on the drop-down menu next to the given widget (top right) to display its options and settings,
    where we can also filter what we see on the selected widget, or freely rename the widget itself:

  • widget "Door"

    With this widget - here (in the picture above) named 2N IP Verso - we can also door hold open for a different number of minutes (see picture above).

    In the displayed menu it is also possible to turn off the camera feed, switch to a possible external camera, go to the configuration of the given device (within 2N® Access Commander) and use the Change device option to select another device for the widget.

    The door can also be opened directly(or the assigned switch) on the widget using the button at the bottom right :

    After loading the Dashboard it takes some second for the camera image to load (for saving reasons it is always reloaded).

  • widget "Lockdown"

    Specified more in the relevant chapter of the following FAQ: 2N® Access Commander - Lockdown (since the version 2.0)






  • widget "Device State", "Access Logs" and "System Logs"

    In the drop-down menu they contain a filter (see the picture below), where we can select which events, or devices, will be displayed on the widget: