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  • Signalization of pressed button on the HIP device into the KNX system
  • Activation of the door lock connected into the HIP device via the KNX system
  • This guide leads you through the configuration of connecting 2N® IP Intercom  with home automation systems of different vendors.


 This configuration is possible only


for 2N® IP intercoms with input

  • 2N® IP Verso
  • 2N® LTE Verso
  • 2N® IP Vario with a card reader
  • 2N® IP Force with a card reader


  • or an additional switch with input
  • 2N® IP Safety with an additional switch with input
  • 2N® IP Base

The latest firmware in 2N® IP intercom
Firmware update - How to do firmware update on 2N IP intercoms


KNX configuration:

  • On the KNX site of installation is used KNX actuator with, at least, one input. The connection diagram is shown in the Pic. 1. You can activate the actuator when the button of the HIP is pressed at the same time as the outgoing call is made and also send a information about this to the KNX system and activated for example lights on your driveway etc. The KNX system than send the information to IN1-setting is shown in the Pic.3. The lock itself is control by the OUT1


  • As a last step activate Switch 1 as is shown in the Pic. 4
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