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2N® Access Commander is free to use software for configuration of one 2N® IP intercom or 2N® Access Unit and for one user who is tracked in the Attendance for unlimited time. 

For configuration of multiple devices or for attendance tracking of more employees a license is required. Pricing will be provided by your local reseller.

You can add 1 device and define 1 attendance user for free, for more devices and users you can order following licenses:


2N® Access Commander - license for +5 devices (block of 5 licenses)*


2N® Access Commander - license for +25 users (block of 25 licenses)** used only for attendance monitoring/tracking

913790422N® Access Commander – Integration License (CSV and LDAP features)***

If you need to get a license for (for example) 17 devices then 4x 91379040 licenses are required to obtain (makes total of 21 possible devices connected - 20 licenced + 1 free).


If you need to get license for (for example) 69 users for access monitoring then 3x 91379041 licenses are required to obtain (makes total of 76 possible users for access monitoring - 75 licenced + 1 free).

Please also note that license 91379041 is only required for access monitoring in any attendance mode (other features such us allowing access for users via RFID card, setting user details such as phone number etc...  does not require any license).


CSV synchronisation uses a CSV file to synchronise users. More information can be found in following part of manual:

LDAP synchronisation is used for downloading users from an external Active Directory. More information can be found in following part of manual:

How to license 2N® Access Commander

In order to get the license key generated, please follow this procedure:

  • Open 2N® Access Commander administration page. Please login as admin (default login name is "admin" and password "2n")

  • Got to  Dashboard >  License

  • Choose one IP intercom that is connected to 2N® Access Commander and use the serial number of that intercom to provide the license.

  • Based on this serial number your license file will be generated.
  • After you receive your license file, click on "Add License" in license section, choose the license file and upload it.


The license becomes time limited if the licensed unit is not reachable by 2N® Access Commander. The time restriction is from 24 hours to 3 months. The longer the licensed unit is connected the longer time is available to resolve the situation. 

Time for that a device is connected to 2N® Access CommanderTime, for how long will 2N® Access Commander run without connected (licensed) device
less than 24 hours1 day
more than 1 day (up to 30days)10 days
more than 30days1 month without device
more than 180 days3 months without device