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The figure below shows sending/receiving SMS via SMTP/POP3. When having created user accounts in the gateway, the users can access the accounts via the e-mail client and send SMS messages to the gateway via SMTP. The gateway receives the messages and resends re-sends them to the GSM users (mobile phones) according to the predefined routing rules.


Note: in this section you can also enable AutoClip AutoCLIP routing for SMS. Set the maximum time for which the automatic SMS routing record (response) will be saved in the AutoCLIP table. It means that once you send an email to some specific GSM number ( and after some time the mobile user responds to this message and sends SMS message to SIM card inserted in the GSM module from which the email was previously sent, then this message will be automatically resent directly to the user who sent the email.


  • Message from SMS group – select the SMS group that receives SMS messages
  • Action type – specify how incoming messages will be processed. You can set Autoclip AutoCLIP routing (the incoming SMS will be routed according to the AutoCLIP table records), Deliver to user (the SMS will be delivered to the selected user) or Drop message (the SMS will be dropped).
  • Deliver to user – this field is used only if you have selected "Deliver to user" in the previous step. Here receives the SMS the user previously defined.


  1. How to create new account

    Follow the steps in picture below. In fourth step fill the credentials, which you created in the gateway in previous steps. We used email address "" and password "test123" in this FAQ.

  2. Server Configuration

    Follow the step in picture below. In second step change the Incoming server to "POP" and in third step fill gateways IP address as Incoming and Outgoing Server hostnamehost name. Then in fourth step click on "Re-test", wait until you will see "The following settings were found by probing the given server". In final step click on "Done" and after that you can start using sms2email feature.