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title2N® IP intercom FW & license

It is strong recommended to use the latest FW version for 2N® IP intercom as available here.

The 2N® IP Intercoms Group Authentication/Access key feature does not need any additional license for the 2N® IP intercom. 

How to configure 2N® IP intercom?

  • for firmware 2.23.1 and older:


As a very first step go to the section  "Services - Phone - 2N Indoor Units" and fill in the "Access Key" field in General Settings to enable authentication for the 2N® IP Mobile application as shown in the picture below. You can add up to 3 Access Keys.

How to set 2N® Indoor Touch?

Once the 2N® Indoor Touch is connected to the local network and powered (over PoE or using an external 12V DC/2A power supply) it will boot up and you see its initial screen (launcher). By clicking on the 2N® IP Mobile application icon in the right upper corner you can open it and access its settings.