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LDAP in 2N® NetStar, The Directory service menu consists of two main sections. A list of available directory servers is located to the left and server parameters are to the right. Click the context menu in the server list with the right-hand mouse button to create, rename or delete a server. The LDAP server configuration includes:


  • User – use this item for user authentication in server communication. Enter without the domain.
  • Password – enter the user password.
  • LDAP Address – enter the IP address or domain name of the LDAP server to which the PBX gets connected.
  • Domain – enter the whole domain including the highest order domain (, e.g.).
  • Port – enter the port number for directory server communication. The default port is 389.
  • Authentication – select one of the following three authentication protocols for user authentication in server communication:
    • Simple – user name (DN – Distinguished Name) and password based authentication.
    • KERBEROSv5 – Kerberos based authentication.
      • Address – set the KDC server (Key Distribution Centre) address for user authentication.
      • Port – set the KDC server port. The default value is 88.
    • NTLMv2


Use the context menu to add or remove an organisational unit – phone book.



  • The records that are not included in the LDAP server are deleted from the assigned phone book during synchronisation.

Synchronisation result

Use the Global data – Scheduled tasks menu to schedule synchronisation. Add the LDAP synchronisation event and set the synchronisation time. View the synchronisation result in the lower part of the screen.