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You can also get IP address from 2N® IP Intercom when you press specific quick dial button on the unit. Take the following steps to retrieve the 2N® IP Intercom address:

  • If you hear that the address is, it means that the intercom has not obtained the IP address from the DHCP server. (DHCP server is not available, not present in network or does not have any free IP address to assign)
  • 2N® IP Intercom will read its IP address via its inbuilt speakers.
  • connect (or, if connected, disconnect and reconnect) 2N® IP Intercom intercom to the power supply (PoE or 12 V external power supply)
  • wait for the second sound signal (beep)
  • do the specific procedure within 30 seconds after the first sound signal (see the picture below):

2N® IP Vario 

  • press the quick dial button
  • press the middle quick dial button on the right side (version with 3 or 6 buttons)