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Comment: update according to 2.24 changes

Since FW version 2.22 the intercoms of 2N® IP intercoms family contain a new menu "Hardware->Door" in the web interface. This menu offers following:

  • Even easier configuration of the 2N® IP intercoms. It concentrates all settings related to the physical door controlled by the intercom in one place.
  • The installer in now able to setup a different global Entry and Exit rules and a different global modes of authentication (double authentication via code and RFID code, triple authentication via code, RFID card and Bluetooth and so on) instead of configuring it for each user.
  • Configuration of the REX button is part of this menu.
  • New integration with Genetec Synergis access control system.

Firmware version 2.22 requires 2N® Access Commander version 1.9.1 or higher, firmware version 2.23 requires 2N® Access Commander version 1.10 or higher, for closer details see here. Step by step FAQ with detailed description of this new menu including screens from the web interface itself can be found below.


This section defines which switch from the section "Hardware->Switches" is used for the physical door lock (or door strike). You also need to configure a particular switch in that section (Switch 1 in the picture). Logic in this section stays the same. You just pick a particular Switch (in our case "Hardware->Switches->Switch 1") and choose a physical output for the parameter "Controlled Output" as shown in the picture below.

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Image AddedDoor Open Sensor


The picture below shows the layout of the "Entry Rules menu". The parameters are explained below the picture.

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Image AddedEntry Rules

This section serves for configuration of a multiple entry rules with a different authentication modes. Since version 2.22 the authentication modes are configured globally here and it is not possible to configure it for each user. Configuration of multiple authentication for each user from the previous FW version is not reflected here after the upgrade to version 2.22.


  • Zonal code - You can set one global PIN code for the whole Zone in the 2N® Access Commander ("Zone Access PIN code" ). This code is then filled in here. It is highly recommended to set this parameter over 2N® Access Commander only! Where you can configure this code on the side of the server is shown below.

  • Authentication Signalling - Acoustic signalisation for access events. You can pick from three options. "None" - no signal is played upon access event. "Short beep" - short beep is played for valid and invalid access events both. "Full" - acoustic signalisation of Switch you picked in the menu "Hardware->Door->Door->Door Lock" is applied. This also allows you to use your user sounds for the signalisation. Signalisation of the switch in our case is in the menu "Hardware->Switches->Switch 1->State signalling" as shown bellow.
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  • Virtual Card to Wiegand - In case you use the virtual card ID (you can add it to each user in the section "Directory->Users" and in the section "Access cards" on page of particular user), you can forward this ID to Wiegand interface by picking a group. Wiegand group for each Wiegand module can be configured in the section "Hardware->Extenders" for 2N® IP Verso and in the section "Hardware->Card reader" for the other 2N® IP  intercoms.  

  • Silent Alarm Enabled - If enabled, you can add a virtual code higher by 1 then an user access code. So for instance if the access code is 0000 then the silent alarm will be triggered by 0001. You can operate with the Silent Alarm further more in the Automation section - event "SilentAlarm".

  • Limit Failed Access Attempts - If enabled after 5 invalid access attempts it is not possible to access by any mean for 30 seconds.


  • Plus Card ID - Add one service card to add RFID cards to the Directory. Once you swipe the plus card any following card is added to the Directory if it is not full.
  • Minus Card ID   Add one service card to delete RFID cards from the Directory. Once you swipe the minus card, any following card is deleted from the Directory.


  • This feature is available only on firmware 2.24.
  • System is checking where the user is according to attendance history and where the user is according to the used reader location.
    If those places are different, access is granted. If those places are the same, anti-passback rule has been unset.

  • Soft mode - Anti-passback event is alerted, user can enter.
  • Hard mode - Anti-passback event is alerted, user can´t enter.

Exit Rules 

Exit rules are NOT affected by the 2N® Access Commander anyhow at the moment! As you can see in the picture below, the Exit rules have the same parameters as the Entry Rules. So besides the fact that nothing is being configured by the the 2N® Access Commander server, everything described above for the Entry rules is also applied here. There is just one difference. You have a checkbox for each Access rule, where you can define whether it should be possible to open the door via the REX button when this rule is applied. 

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Card reader configuration