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You can easily manage 2N IP Intercoms and 2N Access Units with 2N Access Commander over the internet.

Since every 2N IP product, including 2N Access Commander behaves like any standard IP device, you can use standard network techniques for interconnecting them over Internet.

Most popular The most common techniques how to interconnect 2 separated sites over internet are:


Since connection is established from 2N Access Commander to each 2N IP device, you need to make sure that all 2N IP devices are reachable over the internet. In standard environment, such 2N IP devices will have private IP addresses and only one shared public IP address actually reachable from internet.

In order to allow communication from internet to each such 2N IP device which has its own private IP address, you need to use NAT / Port forwarding on the site with 2N IP devices (SITE B and ROUTER B on the image below).

Each 2N IP device listens on port 443 for an incoming connection.

You do not need to perform such action on SITE A, just make sure that 2N Access Commander on SITE A is allowed to access the internet.


When network configuration on SITE B in our example is set correctly, you can add each 2N IP device from SITE B to 2N Access Commander on SITE A manually using SITE B´s Public IP and assigned Public port.

Scanner The device scanner inside 2N Access Commander cannot be used in this scenario; just add Site B's public IP address and public port number manually in the format <Public_IP_address>:<Public_port_number>.


With its specific implementation on your sites and network devices, any Network company/administrator will be able to help you.