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Introduction and requirements

Note: As a very first step please make sure that the the license for Email2SMS Email2SMS feature is uploaded into your  gateway2N® VoiceBlue Next®VoiceBlueNext gateway. This license is sold as a package for 10 users (you can buy licence for 10, 20, 30, etc. users) and you can have up to 200 licensed users in the gateway. If you want to verify that whether you have uploaded the correct license uploaded in your gateway, go to section "Management -> License key". You should seea license called SMSUx see the licenses called SMSE and SMSUx and in the "Active" row where SMSE indicates that Email2SMS function is enabled and SMSUx indicates number of licensed users where x stands for the this number of licensed users  (see the picture below). If there will is not be a license for Email2SMS (SMSUSMSE) then you will not see tab "Messaging" on the top bar!

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2N® VoiceBlue Next can be configured to resend email messages from the PC to any address (GSM numbers) in the form The subject and the body of the email will be sent as one or more SMS messages to the mobile number e.g. 734123456 showing the 2N® VoiceBlue Next user as sender. On the other hand, if the user sends a SMS message from his mobile phone to the SIM inserted in 2N® VoiceBlue Next gateway, the SMS will be sent to the user email account associated with the gateway.