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  1. Login to web interface of your 2N® Access Commander installation.

  2. Go to section Devices and add your 2N® IP Style or IP Verso (or 2N® Access Unit) to 2N® Access Commander.

  3. Go to section Zones and create a new zone or open an existing zone, add the intercom here. Verify that the zone is added into a Company.

  4. Go to section Groups and create a new user group or open an existing user group to add a desired user (that we wish to authenticate via Bluetooth) here. 

  5. Go to section Access Rules, create an access rule and connect zone from step 3 with user group created in step 4 of this guide.
    (Optionally you can create time profile when such rule is active.)


    Previous steps are described also in this video tutorial *Video - Basic setup - 2N® Access Commander

  6. Go to section Settings - BLUETOOTH and define which 2N device(s) with Bluetooth module can be used by users for pairing process. The access rule (previous step 5) must connect the zone where is this device and user group where we have users for Bluetooth access.

    Choose one or more devices for Bluetooth pairing procedure.
    Also select for how long will be pairing state active (ie. how much time does user have for pairing his smartphone with selected 2N device via Bluetooth).
    Once time we set up expires, you will need to repeat steps 7 - 9 again.

  7. Go to section Users, choose user you wish to authorize for Bluetooth access and go to Accesses subsection. 

  8. Now you need to generate the pairing code by pressing GENERATE button in PHONE part.

  9. In few moments 2N® Access Commander shows generated pairing code. User needs to enter this code in 2N® Mobile Key app in next step 10.


  10. Take your mobile device (smartphone) with installed 2N® Mobile Key near the selectedintercom or Access Unit.
    Check if you have activated Bluetooth and Location on mobile device and start 2N® Mobile Key app.

    Choose PAIR NEW DEVICES and app will detect intercom with Bluetooth nearby.
    Once intercom is found, tap on it to pair.


  11. Once requested, please enter pairing code generated in step 9 of this guide.
    After you enter the correct code, the mobile device will be assigned with user in 2N® Access Commander.


  12. This device now can open door using 2N® Mobile Key app.