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Before you begin reading this FAQ, you will need following settings/equipment already prepared:

  • at least one fully operational gateway
  • at least one GSM Group, one SIM Group and one Rule created at least
  • SIM cards assigned to the SIM Group, GSM modules assigned to the GSM Group

If you have absolutely no experiences with the SIM Star Server configuration, it is highly recommended to proceed the basic training first.

Below you will find the description of different GSM module statuses that you can see in the column Status from the GSMs menu of the SIM Star Server together with the troubleshooting hints.

SIM connecting

The specific remote SIM card was properly assigned to the specific GSM module and the interconnection between the SIM client (gateway) and the SIM board is being established.

If the SIM stays in SIM connecting status, check following please:

  • Proper routing settings if - whether NAT is used. In default the SIMs on the SIM board are available on ports 10.000 - 10.031 which have to be properly routed for the access from the public IP address. If routing is set correctly set, please make sure the SIM base port 2 for the SIM board is configured as well.
  • If there is the LAN used only, make sure there are no local ports blocked.
  • If GSM modules are used only (no UMTS modules inserted), switch SIM caching to mode GSM only.

 SIM logging

The SIM card’s card data are being downloaded from the specific remote SIM card located in the SIM Board (depending on the SIM cache settings) and the SIM is being logged to the mobile network.


  • Proper connection of the aerial (antenna) to the GSM module and the signal intensity level of the mobile network.
  • BTS lockInternet lock Internet connectivity delay and packet loss for the communication between the gateway and the SIM board. Recommended delay is less than 500ms which can be a problem for ex. for the satellite connectivity. Also check the cables, router and contact please your internet service provider.
    • The minimum signal level set on the GSM Group (GSM Groups - BTS Lock Type: Use random available BTS for each call - Min. Signal level).
    • Availability of the specific BTS from the assignment table (GSM Groups - BTS lock type - Use the assignment table).
  • Credit checking procedure for prepaid SIMs (SIM Groups - Prepaid SIM card settings). The SIM can be actually already logged to the network, however it will keep the SIM logging status until it gets the information about the current credit balance. If the SIM Star Server will not be able to get the credit balance, the SIM will not be allowed to usebe used!
  • If SIM caching is used, the SIM can be logged to the network faster- even before the gateway gets all data. The cache can be adjusted separately for the SIM client (gateway) and for the SIM board. Is the SIM card able to log to the mobile network if you put it directly into a mobile phone? If not, contact your GSM provider please.
    • GSM only - gets GSM data from the SIM card only, logging into the UMTS network is not possible. Check the availability of GSM network coverage and make sure there is GSM coverage in the gateway’s gateway's location.
    • UMTS only - gets UMTS data from the SIM card only, logging into the GSM network is not possible. Check the availability of UMTS network coverage and make sure there is UMTS coverage in the gateway’s gateway's location.


There are no SIM cards ready to use from the SIM Group(s) associated to this GSM Group.


  • Availability of SIMs with enough credit/free minutes.
  • Time limitation of the rule used for the SIM/GSM Group (Rules - Time limitations) and also proper time and date setting of the SIM Star Server (SIM Server - Time).
  • Click on the View button on the row of the specific GSM module in the GSMs menu and take a look at the Lookup info with closer details about the current status.

[no info]

There is no information about the specific GSM module due to no connectivity between the gateway and the SIM Star Server (Gateways - Gateway status/SIM client status).


  • The gateway is up and running.
  • Proper routing settings if NAT is used. In default the ports 23 (gateway AT port) and 1500 (SIM client AT port) are used.
  • If only LAN is used only, make sure there are no local ports blocked.
  • Activation of the SIM Client in the web interface of the eCPU. Go to the menu Management: System status - SIM Client - ACTIVATED.

[unused - no GSM]

There is no GSM module inserted in the gateway. Insert please a GSM board to the specific position in the gateway and assign it to a GSM group.