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This feature enables you to control 2N Indoor Touch output relay by HTTP command sent by 2N IP Verso automation.


  • 2N® IP Verso FW version 2.21.0 or higher

  • Additional license key HTTPAPI for Indoor Touch (order no. 91378395)

  • Enhanced Integration license

    for IP Verso (order no. 9137907)

    or Gold. Up to version 2.34 (inclusive) you need the license/feature or Gold (if it includes it), and from version 2.35 onwards they are part of the Gold license.

Indoor Touch settings:

Go to web management and check "Insecure HTTP Access" function. You can activate it via device menu - Settings - Software as well.

IP Verso settings:

Go to web management - Services - Automation and create a new function according to the example below.

Describtion of the function:

When you press any Verso´s button, Verso sends the first HTTP command to login to Indoor Touch API. After a predefined delay it sends the second HTTP command to activate the Indoor Touch output. After next predefined delay it sends the last HTTP command to deactivate the Indoor Touch output.

first URL:
second URL:
third URL:

Please define Indoor Touch IP address and password according to your settings.