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Persistant notification (Android)


Each application that you install into your smart phone is using notifications to let you know about the updates, incoming messages, etc.... Android notification mechanism allows you to manage notifications for each application installed on the device so you have full control which application will be turned on all the time and using resources of your battery. In other words application that has notification enabled is running at the background all the time. Each app may have different categories, even if the apps are similar in function.

Location of the notification settings may vary depanding on your Android version. Once the persistant notification is enabled for the specific app, the app is running in the background even after you kill the app manualy. This is essential feature for the 2N® Mobile Key becuase the app need to be turned on all the time to ensure that your doors will be open once you will be close to the intercom and touch the Bluetooth module.

How to pair with the unit (Android)