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Lift control solution requires:

  • Access Commander 1.13 and later
  • IP intercoms / Access Units with firmware 2.27 and later
  • Lift license (order no. 9137916 (Axis order no. SKU 02001-001)  for IP intercoms or 9160401 for Access units (Axis order no. SKU 02000-001) ) installed in the 2N device.
    Lift license is NOT part of the Gold license and needs to be ordered separately.
    The license is available for the following models: 2N® IP Verso, 2N® IP Vario, 2N® IP Force, 2N® Access Unit, 2N® Access Unit 2.0.
  • AXIS A9188 I/O Relay Module (2N order no. 9160501, AXIS order no. SKU 0820-001) firmware or newer
titleTechnical parameters
  • AXIS A9188 communicates with lift I/O Relay Module using its relays wired to lift system
  • 2N IP Unit communicates with AXIS A9188 via IP protocol HTTPS
  • Time for relays open/close time is set by 2N IP unit to 10s which directly corresponds with time person have after his/her authorization on 2N IP unit to push floor button in lift (this time is not configurable)
  • One 2N IP device can connect to up to 5 AXIS A9188 I/O Relay Modules
  • Multiple 2N IP devices are not recommended to connect to same AXIS A9188 I/O Relay Module