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This FAQ describes how to setup simple call between 2N® Lift8 with VoIP Module and IP Phone.


* This parameter can be set via the voice menu (incoming call to 2N® Lift8).

** This parameter can only be set via the Service Tool.

List of all parameters that can be configured can be seen in the manual - Table of Parameters


Please keep on mind that if you will disable confirmation for alarm calls, then you are doing this at your own risk as there is no human interaction!


  • 1 = with DTMF confirmation (1)
  • 2 = with pick-up confirmation (for GSM/UMTS/VoIP only) - no confirmation, just pick-up the handset
  • 3 = CPC Antenna
  • 4 = CPC Kone
  • 5 = P100
  • 6 = DTMF auto detection (CPC Antenna/P100)
  • 7 = CPC Antenna 2N ext
  • 8 = CPC Kone 2N ext
  • 9 = P100 2N ext

You can find all parameters in the Table of Parameters.

Don't forget to click on Save to device