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This article describes how to set up a call between 2N® Lift IP LiftIP / Lift 8Lift8 with VoIP module and 2N® VoiceBlue Next gateway.


Setting of 2N® Lift IP LiftIP / Lift 8Lift8 with VoIP module

  1.  Connect the device 2N® Lift IP LiftIP - more here: How to make a call between 2N® LiftIP and IP Phone
    or 2N® Lift 8 Lift8 with VoIP module - more here: VoIP Module - How to make a call between 2N® Lift8 and IP Phone

    For parameter Parameter 011, enter the number (address) of the station to be dialled in case of dialed after pressing the alarm button on the elevator communicator - see e.g. local IP phone
    at in the figure picture below ;:
    for parameters Parameters 012-016 it is possible to set  allow you to configure other destinations dialled to be dialed in case of unavailability of the previous one - see e.g. public telephone station and mobile number for parameters 012 and 013 in the picture below.:

  2. For parameters Parameters 1105, 1113 a 1114 put  fill in the IP address of the 2N® VoiceBlue Next gateway (see IP setting - How to find out the IP address? ).

  3. For parameters Parameters 1106, 1111 a 1112 put  enter e.g. 101 and don't use the parameter 1107 (password) - as on shown in the picture below.

  4. Be sure to click the "Save to Device" icon below to save the settingschanges.



up the 2N® VoiceBlue Next


  1. Connect the device 2N® VoiceBlue Next - more here: Configuration - How to set 2N® VoiceBlue Next?

  2. Adjust the parameter SIP proxy (GSM->IP) in the section VoIP parameters (see the picture below),
    where you put  fill in the IP address of the 2N® Lift IP LiftIP VoIP module of the 2N® Lift 8Lift8,
    and then click on the pencil icon below to save the changes.

  3. By dialling dialing the number of the active SIM card in the 2N® VoiceBlue Next gateway, you automatically call the 2N® Lift IPLiftIP / Lift 8 Lift8 device with a VoIP module.