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2N® Access Commander configuration

After you have successfully set up your Google account, you now need to set up the 2N® Access Commander as well.

  • In the web interface of the 2N® Access Commander go to Settings > EMAIL > enable the SMTP service and click on some of the SMTP SETTINGS:

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  • Enter the Server Address and Port - in this case, the SMTP server is and port 587 (TLS encryption) or 25 (unsecured).
  • The User name is your full e-mail address including the domain, then enter the Google App Password - it will be stored only in the 2N® Access Commander.
    The Default sender address will be the same as the user name which was filled above.
  • Enable the SSL, validation of the server certificate and Legacy mode and hit the CHANGE button to save it. 

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You can also test, whether you've set everything correctly. Enter a valid Test E-mail Address (an address to which your test email will be sent) and click on SEND TEST E-MAIL.
You should be able to receive an e-mail with a testing message.

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If you get a message Test email FAILURE, please double check that you set everything correctly according to this manual, otherwise please contact our support:



If you are having issues with sending an e-mail, try to enable or disable (default)the Legacy mode.