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If you want to use your tablet device for audio and video communication with your 2N® Helios IP, you can use for this purpose an application called 2N® Helios IP Mobile. How to connect those two devices and configure them is shown in manual below. 


Enhanced Integration license or Gold license

Tablet with implemented Android SIP stack - SIP stack must be allowed by tablet manufacturer during the Android system installation. If you are able to find 2N® Helios IP Mobile application on Google Play and you see note that your device is compatible, then your device have SIP stack activated.

The Android version must be 4.1 or higher

2N® Helios IP configuration

As a first step of the Configuration of 2N® Helios IP intercom Go to menu "Directory-Phone Book" and specify the name of this position and Number 1 in format "device:device_name" make sure that position of the user is Enabled.

Note: In case you have the firmware older then 2.3.1, you must also set a parameter Station name to IP address of your tablet.

If the user is set according to the picture above, then move to the section "Services-Streaming" and set  the tab called "JPEG" and allow there option "JPEG Snapshots Download" as shown in the next pictures. This possibility is available in 2N® Helios IP intercoms with firmware versions 2.6 - 2.9.1


In 2N® Helios IP with firmware version 2.10 and higher needs to be set parameter "Connection type" in the row Camera API to Unsecure (TCP) and switch off Authentification. As it seens in the picture below (red border).

As a last step in 2N® Helios IP settings go to the section "Services-Phone-Calls" and change Activation mode for incoming calls to "Automatic".


In menu "Hardware - Switches - Advanced" you have to set Enable switch control by http parameter to "Yes". This settings have to be done for 2N® Helios IP with firmware versions 2.6 - 2.9.1. Setting for firmware versions 2.10 and higher is shown in picture above ("Services - HTTP API") - green border.

2N® Helios IP Mobile configuration

Connect your tablet with 2N® Helios IP Mobile application to the same network as your 2N® Helios IP and run the application. When it starts, you will be able to see all 2N's devices which are available in your network. Choose one of them and connect to it.

 In case that you do need to refresh the list of available devices just simply touch the right part of the screen and swipe down by your finger as shown in the picture below.


Note: there are slightly different screens and settings for Android devices and for iOS devices 

When you are connected to 2N® Helios IP Mobile running on Android device, go to section "Settings" and enter Device Name "ICU" which we previously specified in 2N® Helios IP intercom. If this parameter is not set correctly, you will not be able to receive calls from 2N® Helios IP! The picture below shows the screen from Android tablet.

Very similar settings has to be done for iOS devices (tablets and mobile phones) but in this case you can´t do that directly in the application but you have to move to global settings of iOS device. In the next picture you can see how to set Device Name "iPad" in iOS application.


Now is everything set correctly and you should be able to see video stream and receive calls from your door intercom.