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This document describes how to integrate 2N® IP Intercom as a camera in Omnicast using the Cam File Editor in Omnicast or Security Center.

On picture below you can see the connection diagram. The Archiver can record the video from connected 2N® IP Intercom and also distribute it to Omnicast Clients. When video is requested, 2N® Intercom IP sends a single video stream to the Archiver and Archiver is responsible for sending the video stream to all workstations. If 100 workstations request the same camera, only 1 stream comes out of 2N® IP Intercom .


Enhanced Video or GOLD license.

2N® IP Intercom configuration

Because Omnicast solution use RTSP streaming, you have to allow this in 2N® IP Intercom. Go to section Advanced Settings -> Streaming and set parameter RTSP server to "On". Parameters of the video stream as codec, resolution and bitrate, can be set in Video codec settings

Omnicast configuration

In order to add a new cameras as simply as possible uses Omnicast system Cam Files. Each camera has its own Cam File in which there are specified parameters  like manufacturer of the camera, used codec, communication port etc.

Before you start connecting the 2N® IP Intercom, please download the Cam File here: 2N® IP Intercom Cam File 

When you download the Cam File, add it under the appropriate folder on the Omnicast Config Tool machine. For example in Omnicast 4.8 it is “C:\Program Files\Common Files\DVR Software 4.8\Extensions\Cam Files”. Then restart Omnicast Config Tool so it could take into account the new file.

If the Cam File is in the right place, then follow steps below.

1- In the Omnicast Config Tool: Select Action -> Create -> Physical View -> Video Unit. The “Add a unit” dialogue box will appear:

2 - As Manufacturer select "2N".

3 - Under Unit type select "helios" and specify valid IP address.

4 - As a last step add the unit by pressing button Add.

Now is your 2N® IP Intercom successfully connected and you can distribute the video to all your Omnicast clients.