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Note: if you want to import users into 2N® Helios IP intercom from .csv or .txt file then you have to use 2N® Helios IP Manager software. Also please make sure that you have software version 2.8.0 or higher (as well as firmware version in your intercom).

How to create .CSV or .TXT file?

As a very step you have to create .csv or .txt file. You can use MS Excel or any plain text editor installed on your PC. Created file will contain rows (one row = one created user in the phonebook) and columns (or sections) on specific row. Columns can be separated by a comma, semicolon or tab in the text editor. Please keep in mind that used separator can´t be used anymore in the plain text!

Columns (sections) on each row have a fixed order as listed below or as shown in next pictures:

    • User´s full name
    • E-mail address
    • Phone number #1
    • Station Address #1 (ie. IP address or domain name of PC where 2N® Helios IP Eye application is installed)
    • Phone number #2
    • Station Address #2
    • Phone number #3
    • Station Address #3

Any additional data are ignored and aren´t uploaded into 2N® Helios IP intercom. 

So as you can see it is possible to specify user name, user´s email address, different types of phone numbers for a user (for direct calls, for calls to 2N® Helios IP Mobile application, for calls to registered IP extensions as well as for calls to GSM numbers in case you have GSM gateway in your scenario) and also IP addresses or domain names where 2N® Helios IP Eye application can be running.



Once the file was completely created (or edited) you need to save it. As mentioned previously save it with .csv or .txt suffix. If you used MS Excel with national alphabet then you have to save it as a .txt file and specify coding method to UTF-8! In other cases you can save it as a .csv file. If you used standard plain text editor then save the file as .txt with UTF-8 coding method.



How to import created file to 2N® Helios IP Manager?

Finally you can import created contacts from your file into the intercom. Run 2N® Helios IP Manager application, go to the section "Users" and click on the "Import Phonebook" icon – see the picture below. After that you need to select created file and upload it into the application. You can definitely use more created files (not only one) and import them to the application one by one to add new users or modify existing ones.


If the file was created and imported properly then you will see small pop-up window with the information how many users were created and how many users were modified (or updated). Next you should see all imported users in the left column. Finally don´t forget to assign created users to specific phonebook positions in requested intercoms and upload the configuration into these intercoms (press "Upload" button on the top bar)!



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