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NFC - generally

It's a technology for radio communication between two devices for short distance. It is used electromagnetic induction between two loop antennas for data transmission like RFID cards.  This technology is working radio bandtwidth around 13,35 MHz.


NFC is used for exchanging informations between two devices for the short distance. It is possible to use this technology instead of RFID cards. This identification is provided by unique code of the end-devices that contains this technology, like almost every smartphone these days. There is a communication between smartphone and 2N® Access Unit in this case. Right SmartCard reader is needed on the side of access unit and this unit has to be equipped by extended NFC licence (order number 916012).

Smartphone which has NFC technology implemented has to supported also HCE technology. 2N® Mobile Key serves as the platform for NFC communication and must also supported HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology.  This application can be found and downloaded for free from Google Play. It is required to enable the NFC technology and launch the application. You can see following picture after launching and you can close this aplication. This application will be running in the background until reboot and provide the communication if needed.

Now it is time to assign the NFC devices to the particular user in 2N® Access Unit. Procedure is the same as to add some RFID card. It is necessary to find out the code of the particular device. It can be found in the section "Status - Access Log".


This code needs to be assign to the particular user as the Card ID.

More product information:

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