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Before release of 2N® Acces Commander there was a software called 2N® Helios IP Manager for management of 2N® IP intercoms, editing users, groups, zones etc. With arrival of 2N® Access Commander (March, 2015) support of 2N® Helios IP Manager was finished and the last version is 2.9.1. If you would like to use 2N® Access Commander (complete server solution including attendace tracking) but you were using 2N® Helios IP manager in the past, then you will learn in this FAQ how to import HPROJ database from 2N® Helios IP manager to 2N® Access Commander, so you can avoid repeated configuration of same parametrs.


You don´t need any licence for import of HPROJ database but you will need a license for managed device (if you have more than 1 device). More information about licensing policy for 2N® Access Commander is available in another FAQ:

Downloading HPROJ database from 2N® Helios IP Manager

In 2N® Helios IP Manager you just have to click on "Save" or "Save as" button and download the current database.


Uploading HPROJ database to 2N® Access Commander

  1. At the main page of 2N® Access Commander go to section "Settings".

  2. In next step click on General.

  3. In the last step you have to click on Import HPROJ. New window will open in front of you and you need to select a path to the database (to downloaded HPROJ file).

  4. After execution of succesful import, there will be green window saying that Import was succesful.

Differences between transferred data in 2N® Access Commander and 2N® Helios IP Manager

All configuration should be succesfully imported from HPROJ database to 2N® Access Commander. Anyway between both tools there are minor differences which have to be considered. These differences are described below.

  • User Photo

During uploading of photo to 2N® Helios IP Manager the size of photo is adjusted, however this resolution does not correspond with resolution in 2N® Acces Commander. Therefore photo is not over the whole frame. 


  • Zones
    After import of database to 2N® Access Commander relations between zones a parent zones will be gone. So all imported zones are on the some level (no hierarchy).

  • Groups
    All groups will be transfered without any changes.

  • Time 
    Time profiles will be transferred to the 2N® Access Commander, anyway they won´t be tied with switch codes and access cards anymore. Access Rules serves for this in 2N® Access Commander, which are described below. This bundles will stay preserved in 2N® IP Intercoms and it won´t be deleted even by creating new Access rule and synchronisation of device. This can cause colision with newly created Access Rule. For example if you will create a rule without "Time profile" but there will be a time profile previously set for any of codes in 2N® IP Intercom, then this code will be valid only during this previously specified time profile even if you will have Access Rule without any Time profile. So you have to change this Time profiles directly in web interface of 2N® IP intercom.

  • Access Rules
    This fold is new in 2N® Access Commander. Group, zone and time profile have to be defined for every new rule. So users codes will remain, but they are no longer tied with time profiles. You have to make new rules Devices will stay in their zones, also users will stay in their groups without changes.