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This FAQ was made with firmware 2.22.

Detailed information about display configuration you can find in manual:

Launch your web browser and login to your 2N® IP Vario.


In the section Directory – Users create your phone book

Go to section Hardware - Display

Bookmark – Display

            - Check Display Enabled



Bookmark - Name Tags

You can set up to 4 selected users from the phonebook in the digital Name Tags mode. Each of the users is assigned one of the 4 buttons located on the display sides.
Press a button to activate a call to the selected user.

Bookmark - Phone book

This tab helps you configure a structured list of users. You can create practically any count of groups and assign any count of users to each of the groups. One user cannot be assigned to one group more times, but one user can be assigned to more groups at the same time.

          Firmware 2.23.1 and older:


         Firmware 2.24.0 and later:


Bookmark - Slideshow

This tab helps you to configure a list of images to be displayed in the Slideshow mode. Upload up to 8 images to be shown with a preset delay.

After click on (+) icon in Hardware - Display - Slideshow section you can add images, that can be max. 320 x 240 px. 

When Slideshow should be activated and time between slides you can set by parameters called Slideshow Activation Timeout and Slideshow Transition Time.

You can click on the image and move it to change the images order. To magnify you can click on the magnifying glass, to delete you can click on the cross.