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2N® Mobile Video is a service available at the My2N cloud portal, which allows you to make calls from 2N Helios IP Intercoms to mobile devices over internet.


  • 2N Helios IP intercom  firmware version 2.22 or newer.
  • 2N Helios IP intercom  needs to be connected to internet.

No additional license for the 2N Helios IP intercom is required for connection to My2N.

  • Make sure that the DNS parameter is configured correctly If the static IP address is used on the intercom

Step by step guide

Login to and look for My2N ID as shown in the image below.

Figure 1: MY2N ID location



For detailed information about how to access My2N and sign up, please read following article:!2N® Mobile Video Setup - registration and general settings



Please note you can add the device (equal serial number) to one My2N account only.

If you already added the intercom to a different My2N account, you need to remove it from the original one first.


Open 2N Helios IP intercom using your web browser and navigate to section My2N on dashboard (main screen right after you login to the device)

Figure 2: Helios IP intercom main screen - my2n section


If you need to identify IP address of your intercom, please check following article for detailed information about how to obtain it:

IP address - How to get IP address of 2N® Helios IP


Fill in parameter for Auto Provisioning -> My2N/TR069 - >My2N Settings -> My2n ID with your My2N ID.

Figure 3: My2N settings


Once you save new settings, intercom will be synchronized with your My2N account.

Figure 4: My2N settings - synchronized status

Switch back to My2N and you will see the intercom you have just configured, waiting for an approval in section Mobile Video, subsection Settings

Figure 5: Device approval

You need to approve your recently added 2N Helios IP intercom device.

Figure 6: Device approval


If you do not see your device in list, please refresh My2N webpage.


New dialog will open where you will assign device to 2N® Mobile Video service. If you choose to have intercom connected in Automatic Mode (set by default), device will be configured automatically with My2NThe whole process takes only a few minutes to complete.

Figure 7: Device approval -  final stage


If you do not want to use the Automatic mode for intercom configuration with My2N, please visit following article:

I don't want to use an automatic configuration via TR069 - Manual configuration of the Helios IP intercom


Now you have successfully added 2N Helios IP intercom to your My2N account.

Figure 8: Added device

What to do next

Once intercom is in state Missing call settings, please see which steps needs to be proceeded next:

 - Please add to your My2N account mobile device you wish to call from intercom to. 


You can add smartphone or tablet, 2N® Indoor Touch or 3rd party devices/ applications.

For detailed information how to add them, please visit following articles:

My2N account - How to add smartphone or tablet

My2N account - How to add 2N® Indoor Touch to My2N account

How to add a 3rd party SIP device/application


- Please set intercom's buttons in order to point them to mobile device you wish to call from intercom to.


In order to make calls from intercom to mobile devices over My2N, buttons on intercom needs to be configured to call correct mobile devices.

For detailed information how to set buttons, please visit following article:

Call setting - How to configure call settings for the IP intercom