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If you want to receive calls from 2N IP intercoms on your smartphone or tablet, you need to register the 2N® Mobile Video app in your mobile device with the My2N service.


  • 2N IP intercom added in My2N account
  • iOS tablet or smartphone running iOS operating system version 12.0 or higher
  • 2N® Mobile Video app installed (get the latest version here: 2N® Mobile Video iOS app)
  • Internet connectivity

Step by step guide

Please add your smartphone or tablet to your My2N account, in order to obtain the login credentials for your mobile device. For coser details see please this article:
My2N account - How to add smartphone or tablet

Once you have the device added in My2N, navigate to the section Devices and choose your previously added smartphone device.

now click 2N Mobile Video:

Now you can see the QR code and SIP credentials, you can use one of these to login with your 2N Mobile Video app.


When you download and install the 2N® Mobile Video app to your mobile device, open it and tap on LOG IN button.

Figure 3: Mobile application login

On next screen you can enter the login credentials for your device either manually or via scanning the QR code:


Figure 6: Mobile application login with QR code


If using QR code scan feature, please allow Mobile Video app access to camera on next screen

Figure 7: Mobile application QR code access




Please note that you need to point QR code as closest as possible to the middle point of the camera view, in order to scan code correctly.


After you login by tapping on LOG IN button again with correct SIP login credentials, for first time login, app will ask you for additional permissions.Please allow them.


Figure 9: After login information


You can always adjust permission later on in the iOS system settings. Please make sure, the permissions for Mobile video app in iOS are set as shown in the picture below:

Figure 10: Notification settings

  Mobile Video app will also provide you with a quick 2 screens tutorial

After you finish tutorial by tapping on GOT IT button, your app is ready to accept and make calls via the 2N® Mobile Video service.