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For access you can utilise on 2N® IP Verso intercoms and 2N® Access Unit readers modern Bluetooth technology.

In 2N® Access Commander you can manage Bluetooth access in similar way as access using RFID cards or PIN codes.

In order to authorize users using Bluetooth, it is necessary to authorize mobile devices according to Bluetooth standard which is very secure!

This is process where you need to generate pairing code (PIN) in 2N® Access Commander that you then need to enter to 2N® Mobile Key app running on mobile device.


2N® Access Commander version 1.6.0 and higher

2N® IP Verso with firmware version 2.17.1 and higher, equipped with Bluetooth module

Mobile device (for example smartphone) supporting Bluetooth Smart technology (Bluetooth v4.0 a higher), with installed 2N® Mobile Key app, active Bluetooth (and GPS locating for Android phones).


In this article is described process how to setup Bluetooth from the beginning. If you already have added intercom in your 2N® Access Commander installation to zone correctly and users in groups so they can be connected with corresponding zones using access rules,pleae continue with step 7 in this guide.


Step by step guide:

  1. Login to web interface of your 2N® Access Commander installation.

  2. Add your 2N® IP Verso (or 2N® Access Unit) to 2N® Access Commander.

  3. Please create new zone in section Zones and add intercom to it. Or add intercom to existing zone.

  4. Add created Zone to Company in section Companies.

  5. Create new user group and add desired user to it (In this example we will add user we wish to authenticate via Bluetooth).

  6. Create access rule in section Access Rules and connect zone from step 3 with user group created in step 5 of this guide.
    (Optionally you can create time profile when such rule is active.)

  7. Define which 2N device(s) with Bluetooth module can be used by users for pairing process in section Settings. Chosen device (2N® IP Verso intercom or 2N® Access Unit) needs to support Bluetooth and needs to be in Zone which is connected to user group where we have user for Bluetooth access.

  8. Choose one or more devices for Bluetooth pairing procedure.
    Also select for how long will be pairing state active (ie. how much time does user have for pairing his smartphone with selected 2N device via Bluetooth).
    Once time we set up expires, you will need to repeat steps 9 to 11 again.

  9. Navigate to Users section, choose user you wish to authorize for Bluetooth access and go to Accesses subsection 

  10. Now you need to generate pairing PIN code by pressing GENERATE button.

  11. In few moments 2N® Access Commander shows generated pairing PIN code. User needs to enter this PIN code in 2N® Mobile Key app during the time set up in step 8.


    Please write down this PIN code which is generated for 2N® Mobile Key app.

  12. Take mobile device (smartphone) with installed 2N® Mobile Key to selected  intercom or access unit for pairing we defined in step 8 of this guide.
    Once you are near intercom check if you have activated Bluetooth and Location on mobile device and start 2N® Mobile Key app.
    Choose + Pair new device an app will detect intercom with Bluetooth nearby.
    Once intercom is found, press START PAIRING.

  13.  Once requested, please enter pairing PIN code generated in step 11 of this guide.

  14. After you enter correct PIN code, mobile device will be assigned with user in 2N® Access Commander.
    This device now can open doors using 2N® Mobile Key app.