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This FAQ manual describes, how to do a factory reset on 2N® NetStar with console cable and aplication NS Admin Tool.

Factory Reset via console cable

  • Connect 6-wire cable to COM port on CPU card 2N® NetStar. Use convertor RS232 - USB to access 2N® NetStar from a special software.

  • Open console program, for example Putty, setup values for correct login: use a correct COM port, speed must be setup for 115200Bd, 8 bit, parity: none, stop bit: 1.



  • After login in to the PBX 2N® NetStar write 2, which is dedicated for System, then 4 for Factory Reset. As last step write nothing, which is important for a proper factory reset of PBX 2N® NetStar. 



  • Once you do a factory reset it is necessary to setup the IP address and configuration 2N® NetStar for a new usage.

Factory Reset from a programming´s tool NS Admin Tool.

  • Login in with the programming´s tool. Go to PBX - Restore factory settings. Then uncheck the checkbox for Keep network settings and Keep configuration and press OK.