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SSH is used to secure remote access into computer systems.

That's why we introduced a new layer of security by disabling SSH access by default since 2N® Access Commander 1.7 and enforcing use of a stronger password when SSH is enabled. Therefore, if you need SSH access into 2N® Access Commander you need to enable SSH first. This is done from the virtual machine itself.


This feature needs to be enabled for successful import of data between different installations of 2N® Access Commander on installation from which data are imported.

Step-by-step guide:

You need to reboot your virtual machine containing 2N® Access Commander if you updated through the web interface for the changes to take effect, then enter the <Advanced Menu>:

Continue to SSH Allow SSH connection:

Go to ( ) Enabled, hit Space to tick it and then press <Apply>

This will take you to this screen where you have to enter a new stronger password, unless you already had one. Press <Select>

Enter it again to confirm, <Select>

Confirmation window will pop up, press <OK>, then you'll be informed that SSH has been enabled <OK>

From here you can go <Back> to Advanced Menu.


SSH is now enabled and you can use software like PuTTY to configure and control 2N® Access Commander.