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Our intercoms don't support black/whitelisting by default. However, you can do it in a PBX or using automation. If you'd like to use automation, you'll need Gold or Enhanced Integration license first.

The Number parameter under Event.CallStateChanged can contain a phone number of a SIP Proxy destination.


Please note that you can't enter IP addresses into the parameter field of Event.CallStateChanged. This only works for Proxy destinations. You can´t input multiple destinations there, in this case there must me a new Event.CallStateChanged.

The following is an example of a whitelist. In case you'd like to make a blacklist, just swap Action.AnswerCall for Action.EndCall.

Please note that it's better to set up a whitelist, since blacklists can be easily bypassed by changing your number to a different one. For whitelisted values, you need to know the exact number that can get through.

Automation you can download here:

There is an example how to configure it for more than one Number.