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If you need to setup your device to the factory values, please proceed following instructions. This action is irreversible. The factory values and credentials are listed at the end of this document.

Factory reset via web interface:

  • Go to the section Management
  • In the right column, click on the Configuration reset
  • Select parameters which will be set to default values


  • Save settings




Reset to factory settings using a button:


  • To reset the factory values, press the Reset button until the LED indicators start flashing red.



If you forget the password or set the IP interface incorrectly, you can press the RESET button right to the BRI ISDN connector for a long time.

Doing so, you reset all the factory configuration values for all the parameters including those related to the Ethernet interface and access data.



Default Settings:

IPv4 address

IP mask


User name Admin

User password 2n